Image/Video Enhancement

Special Thanks to Can Temel

Image/ video enhancement is the process of adjusting images and videos to obtain a better quality at the display or to analyze the visual data in a more efficient way. Enhancement is a subjective concept and it is application specific. The same method can enhance the image/video for a specific application and it can degrade the quality for another application.

Image/Video Enhancement methods can be classified into two as local and global both of which includes (not limited to) histogram equalization, histogram matching, decorrelation stretch, contrast adjustment, median filtering, mask filtering, homographic filtering and Wiener filtering. There are two common ways to perform these operations. We can perform enhancement in spatial domain by manipulating pixel intensities directly or we can modify the Fourier transform in the frequency domain.

Image/Video editing is a common practice of image/video enhancement. Editor features include (not limited to) size alteration, cropping, noise reduction, removal of unwanted elements, selective color change, orientation adjustment, perspective and distortion control, lens correction, sharpening and softening, selecting and merging, slicing, special effects, color depth change, contrast change and brightening, gamma correction and color adjustment.