ECE 6250

Adv Digital Signal Proc

An introduction to advanced signal processing methods that are used in a variety of applications areas.

Undergraduate Semester level ECE 4270 Minimum Grade of D

Basic Signals and Systems

  • Review of 1-D signals
  • Review of random signals
  • Multi-D signals

Multirate Signal Processing

  • Interpolation and Decimation
  • Sample Rate Conversion
  • Oversampled Processing (A/D and D/A conversion)

Time-Frequency Representations

  • Filterbanks/Wavelets
  • Short-Time Fourier Transform
  • Wigner-Ville Decomposition
  • 1-D and 2-D Transforms (DCT, DST, KLT)

Linear Prediction

  • Autoregressive Modelling and Least Squares
  • Modelling Random Signals
  • Prony's Method

Inverse Problems (Signal Reconstruction)

  • Underdetermined Least Squares
    • Pseudo-Inverse (SVD)
    • Min-Norm Solutions
    • Regularized Methods
  • Reconstruction from Projections
  • Iterative Methods
    • Projection onto Convex Sets
    • Expectation-Maximization
    • Simulated Annealing
  • Reconstruction from Nonuniform Sampling
    • 1-D and Multi-D Sampling
    • Random Sampling

Optimal Quantization

  • Lloyd-Max Quantizers
  • Vector Quantization
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Instructor: Edward Coyle